You want your food to be safe. Clean. Uncontaminated.

We do too.

Dealing with food products in a manufacturing setting necessitates safe and hygienic handling, but that care must extend to the manufacturing of the food products’ packaging as well. To that end, we work with AIB International to ensure our facilities meet rigorous standards of safety and cleanliness through AIB certification.

AIB International’s mission is to bolster the global food industry’s food safety standards as well as its grain-based production capabilities. Founded in 1919, it began as a center for bakers and food processors to share information and technology with the mission to benefit bakers through science. Now AIB International is a vast organization with many programs and services, some of which include working with and certifying companies within the food industry. AIB International trains staff from companies seeking certification to bring their facilities up to internationally recognised standards of safety and cleanliness.

As a food contact packaging manufacturing facility, we’ve implemented an HACCP-based product safety system. HACCP stands for “hazard analysis and critical control points” and is a preventative approach to food safety. The approach attempts to avoid hazards such as viruses, systemic toxins, carcinogens, pneumoconiotic agents, asthmagens, reproductive toxins, tobacco smoke, silica dust, lead, and many other biological, chemical, and physical hazards during production, instead of just trying to inspect the finished products for these hazards. To that end, we have measures in place to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for our cans, such as requiring hair and beard nets, prohibiting food and beverages aside from water, and ensuring a spotless facility. We are regularly inspected by AIB International as part of our AIB certification and have been awarded their Recognition of Accomplishment multiple times for both our manufacturing plants.

To learn more about AIB International and the programs they run to ensure the food product industry stays safe, visit their website. To find out more about what foods you can package in a composite can, check out our website where we list just a few of the many possibilities!