The Canada Fiber Can Company published this vintage ad in 1961, nearly 60 years ago.

A lot has changed since then. Canada Fiber Can is now called Canfab Packaging. We’re at a different address and we have a larger team, the latest equipment, and two manufacturing facilities. We also have email, a distinct upgrade from the past.

Technology and expansion aside though, little has changed in the way the company is run and the values it holds. We still guarantee economy, variety, and dependability. Effectively serving our customers is still our primary and ultimate focus.

Our values were established when the company was first founded in 1936, back when the Hoover Dam was just completed, the Hindenburg took it’s first flight, and the CBC started radio broadcasting. They’ve been a vital part of the company’s fiber for over 80 years and remain the foundation upon which the company builds and grows.

When you work with Canfab Packaging, you can expect our values to show in our interactions. We believe the customer is the driving force in any business. We listen to what you want and do our best to offer you the best possible product for your needs. We never send you through an automated loop when you call us, and we answer emails promptly.

That’s because, as the customer, you matter.

Our ads may be in full colour nowadays, but we’re still marketing the same superior product and customer experience. Contact us for a free quote.