The numbers in the North American wine and spirits (W&S) industry are literally “staggering” (pun intended). According to MHW Ltd, there are some of the consumption facts from 2015:

  • 95 billion dollars in retail sales
  • 8 billion gallons of wines and spirits consumed:
    • 3 billion cases of beer
    • 350 million cases of wine
    • 212 million cases of sprits

Why all these “head spinning” (pun intended) statistics in a blog dedicated to composite cans? Good question. Because composite cans have been the go-to packaging alternative for brewers, wine makers, and distillers wanting to make their products stand out in a highly competitive retail environment. It can be difficult to distinguish between the premium brands and the bargains, thus many alcoholic beverage packers see composite cans as the best way to communicate their brand value to the consumer. Using outer packaging for bottles is not only a smart marketing solution, but great for gift giving as well as for protecting the glass from breakage.

Many liquor manufacturers feature their products in composite cans during the holiday season by offering special limited-edition products to highlight their brands in this peak purchasing period. Smaller volume, long-neck bottles are especially suited to composite cans. Many northern countries like Canada now produce some of the best dessert and ice wines in the world, many selling at more than $75 for a 375 ml bottle. At this price point, these wine producers view composite cans as an integral part of their product packaging strategy as well as a valuable asset to promote and protect their liquid gold.

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