Why use Composite Can ?


A can, is a can, is a can – right? Wrong!

There are several reasons to favor using composite cans as opposed to other more traditional packaging options. Here are a few of these reasons:

Food safety: Composite cans with inner safety tabs represent the best option to prevent against food tempering. Hermetically sealed food products are also fresher out of the package and promote increased shelf life.

Handling: The round “hand-friendly” shape of composite cans makes them the ideal consumer-friendly packaging alternative. The form adds further utilitarian value to the packaging as composite cans often serves as the storage vessel, as well as the day-to- day dispenser. Its durable construction holds up to the rigors of retail showcasing and home usage.

Brand promotion: Labelling with composite cans makes your product standout in busy retail settings. It’s wrap-around concept is perfect for contoured graphic concepts that catch the consumer’s eye. It has also been proven that round shaped packaging (as opposed to flat surface packaging) is more engaging for the consumer because of depth of perception. More engaged consumers mean more sales.

Display options: The perfect form for island and wall display stacking, composite cans are also very easy to “face” on a shelf, making sure that your brand is always front and center.

Variety of applications: Compared to other types of packaging, the variety of products able to be stored in a composite can are almost endless. Canfab’s customers range from food, cosmetics and toy manufacturers, to bottlers of wines and spirits – to explore more possibilities, see our web site.

Eco-friendly: Where facilities exist, and depending on the prior product usage, the various components of a composite can (ex. the plastic lid, the aluminum end-cap, the inner and outer linings) can be sorted and recycled for reuse. Our company’s environmental policy also defines all the ways Canfab reduces, reuses and recycles to become a better corporate citizen – see our environmental commitment statement for more information.

So, these are only a few top-level reasons why composite cans are the modern choice for your packaging needs. In our next series of blogs, we will go into more detail on some of these subjects, plus bring you more insight into the world of progressive packaging.