What makes Canfab stand out?

Being really good at one thing

At Canfab, manufacturing high quality composite cans is all we do. And because we are a specialized company, we take pride in knowing everything that there is to know about our products, our customers and the markets they serve. That’s right, EVERYTHING.

Putting the customer at the center of our universe

This might sound cliché, but we still think that the customer should always be at the core of our company. The big players may be production driven, but we at Canfab are definitely customer-centric.

If you entrust Canfab with your business, we will do the utmost to satisfy your needs and keep you happy. Concretely, this means:
•       listening to your needs as opposed to dictating what we can offer;
•       offering competitive pricing;
•       trying our best to meet or beat promised delivery dates.

Communicating in an efficient and timely manner With us, it’s still possible to talk to someone without getting lost in a voice-mail labyrinth.

With us, it’s still possible to talk to someone without getting lost in a voice-mail labyrinth.
All our customer service personnel are very responsive and usually available on the spot. Not to say that we are not busy folks, but the various communications tools put at your disposal (i.e. phone, e-mail, SMS or live chat via our web site), make our company very efficient at getting our customers the right on-time information. And yes, the “Bailey” from our live chat system is actually one of the outstanding members from our customer response team waiting to serve you (not an automatic off-site chat responder).

We don’t sell!

We listen, learn, and provide you with the best packaging solution for your needs. We are results driven, which leads to better sales outcomes for use and for you.

Why use composite Cans ?

Composite cans are attractive, functional and very economical, making them extremely versatile in meeting today’s packaging requirements.

More than an outer shell, composite cans have proven to be potent marketing tools to get your product noticed in the retail jungle. Their unique form and functionality makes them the ideal consumer-friendly packaging choice.


A recent survey of our customers, confirmed that we are by far the most customer-centric company in the industry. At Canfab, our customers rapidly become our partners and partners are transformed into friends.

We understand that the retail business is fast-paced and extremely demanding. But this fact has never stopped Canfab from offering our customers tailored service on a human scale.

We are pleased to advise and assist you with all your requirements including labeling, filling and closing options. To facilitate your canning process, should you require it, we also offer the option of leasing seaming equipment.

Canfab Packaging will do everything within our means to ensure that you receive the full benefit of our vast experience and exceptional customer care, from your first inquiry, through the design phase, to the delivery of your custom-made composite can.

Composite cans are recyclable, bio­degradable and are made of recycled materials.

Our environmental commitment